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A timeless reputation for uniqueness, built on experience

TRG's foundation was laid back in 1997 with the formation of its flagship investment banking subsidiary D. Livingston Reid & Co. LLC. In 1998, D. Livingston Reid & Co. LLC entered into a formal strategic alliance with the Global Structured Finance Group of HSBC Securities, Inc. and originated over $1.5 billion in principal value debt transactions. Also established in 1998 were DLR Ventures LLC, the firm's business ventures arm, DLR Asset Management LLC, and The D. Livingston Reid Foundation, a public charity with the goal to promote learning among less-privileged children between the ages of 6 and 12 years.

In December 1998, the decision was made to combine all financial subsidiaries into a single surviving entity, The Reid Group LLC, to create, communicate, and build one recognized brand.


The firm derives its strength from its creative abilities and sophisticated solutions to complex financial problems, whether these be debt capital raising, structured finance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, or other advisory matters. It is this creative ability that is the bedrock of the firm's reputation. The firm prides itself on its discreet handling of client matters and its willingness to give objective advice. Our focus is on advisory work. We have no research, trading, lending, or related activities. Instead, we remain dedicated to providing conflict-free and client-focused advice. 

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